ABK Essential Holiday Dinner Course

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In this course I’ll teach you step by step how to master 9 of our traditional holiday favorite recipes:

-Perfect Roasted Turkey

-Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes

-Simple Pan Gravy

-Chunky Apple and Yams

-My Mom’s Sausage, Apple and Herb Stuffing

-Fresh Cranberry Apple Pie

-Famous Utah Lion House Rolls

-Perfect Flaky Pie Crust and how to blind bake

-Fresh Cranberry Sauce

I'll take the stress out of planning, preparing and serving your holiday meal so everything is hot and ready to go at the same time!  We will address FAQs and give you all the visual and mental tools you need to produce a delicious and memorable holiday dinner. 

We will go through the recipes step-by-step in my kitchen and you'll learn the most important techniques to help you become a master of these traditional holiday recipes.  The course is taped in 9 separate segments, each segment with a recipe included. You have the ability to pause or rewind as many times as you need while you cook along with me. Also included is a Holiday Meal Timeline for planning and cooking your special feast. 

You can view the classes for a lifetime, anytime, anywhere, they are downloadable and easy to access!

I love to see families cooking and creating memories in the kitchen, because they truly turn into legacies in our lives. When you invest in our holiday cooking classes, you invest in a lifetime of successful cooking, warm hearts and happy memories!

See you in my Bountiful Kitchen,


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Last updated Nov 6, 2023


ABK Essential Holiday Dinner Course

0 ratings
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